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Arrester protection features
4-12-2012 Views :[2205]
       Arrester in the same use the same voltage level, the lightning residual pressure parameters are the same or close to, which is the residual voltage value because each plant is determined by the provisions of the GB. Some people think that lightning residual pressure value, their protective effect and the effect should be the same, the random choice of a model can. This is a prejudice, because in addition to the lightning residual pressure, as well as other protection parameters, such as frequency discharge voltage value, the impact of the discharge voltage, is to investigate the arrester transient overvoltage capacity, to ensure its long-term normal operation parameters; and such as whether there is lightning steep residual pressure value is marked to complete the important parameters of the lightning arrester lightning protection function. Together, only the series gap of zinc oxide surge arresters are available of the protection parameters, meaning that it has a full range of protection functions. Arrester operating characteristics run stability of the silicon carbide arrester protection action to discharge the lightning current and the working frequency freewheeling, action heavy load, the calculation of each action to discharge the lightning current is 0.04 ~ 0.07C charge the amount of power frequency freewheeling 0.5 2.5C charge amount, the latter with the former is generally 11 to 17 times, and the gap number of multi-gap distance, often due to the action to load heavy parts of the gap singeing burning and porcelain sets of shell dirty moisture will also affect the gap capacitance distribution, these can make part of the clearance failure and reduce the impact of the discharge voltage, that is, the stability of the operating characteristics may increase the protection action frequency, or subjected to transient voltage hazards, and accelerated damage. Zinc oxide arrester protective action only discharge the lightning current without freewheeling series gap, load light, action, without clearance has the interrupter and the ability to cut off the freewheeling, so the gap is exceptionally small number of 3 ~ 10kV arrester only one gap, 35KV surge arresters three series gap, the gap of power frequency value of the discharge voltage is the same as the silicon carbide arrester, in line with GB7327 provisions, so the clearance gap distance, operating characteristics can be maintained long-term stable operation.
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